Pre bent tube kits available for you to finish your projects at home. Get creative with your own mounting and bracket design. 


Tube fronts create a huge amount of usable space and easy mounting of coolers etc. It can be fixed or removable, entirely up to how you want to mount it.


Bars are all Pre-bent for each chassis shape.  They will be required to trim for fitment, once you have the bars where you'd like them to sit.    You weld on and add relevant brackets for lights, guards, cooler mounting etc.



* Main front hoop and notched up stands - standard steel 35mm tube

* New lower radiator support 
* All mounting plates
* Standard 35mm steel tower braces 


Once the front has been modified, you may require a front bumper support/bash bar to support your bumper.  We have these as available as a weld on kit also for an additional $150.


Installation instructions provided via video along with plate template.


Bars are provided as bare steel with a protective coating left on for rust protection.


These bars are not intended for street use - recreational use only.


DIY Kit - Cressida MX83

GST Included