Nissan Skyline R34  - Rear Jack Bar/Bash Bar (Sedan Only)


Bolts back to factory reo location on chassis rails and fits below factory OEM bumper completely out of sight.


** Factory number plate light bracket will need to be removed, as it potentially clashes with the jack bar **


Comes primer coated black with new bolts/hardware.



These bars are not intended for street use - recreational use only.


R34 Skyline Sedan - Rear Jack Bar

GST Included
  • These bars are not guaranteed to fit cars that have previously been in an accident, whereby the chassis rails are no longer straight for bolting or panels are no longer straight. They are designed and created in straight jigs.


    The bars have not been tested on every style bumper, so some modification or trimming may be required. Some bumpers may need trimming to fit the jack foot. The length of this jack foot is based on standard OEM bumpers. If you require a longer custom jackfoot for any reason to fit your desired bodykit, please let us know as soon as you place your order, or you will receive the standard length.


    As these bars are bolted to the standard bumper/reo fixture, they are not intended to act as a crash support or structure eg “bash bar”.


    Due to standard bolting locations, should your bar receive heavy contact, Lead Run Motorsport will not be responsible for chassis damage.


    Due to the standard bolting fixture, it is not recommended or designed to jack up the front of your car from the bar with the weight only on the bolts. The rear bars are designed for the purpose of jacking the rear of the car ONLY and the whole kerb weight should not be put on this bar due to flex in the chassis rails.


    All bars have been given a light primer protective paint coat, and it is recommended another final coat of paint be given for durability & rust prevention in your choice of colour/paint. Marking may occur in transit.


    All of our bash bars come with new bolting hardware. It is important to use the correct hardware, or damage may be caused to your product.


    Bash bars are not interchangeable with different models. Chassis rails and bolting locations, heights etc all vary from model to model. Please ensure you select the correct bar for your vehicle and body kit. If you are unsure which one you need, please contact us before placing your order.


    No refunds will be given if you select the wrong bar for your vehicle.